In order to allow both suppliers and buyers to do business on their own terms, Genesis Chemical facilitates global business by buying the chemicals on suppliers' terms and delivering the goods to the client on the terms required. As part of this service, Genesis Chemical is even able to offer off-balance financing or pre-payment prior to product shipment.


One of the key requirements for successful global business is logistics. Thanks to our experience and our network, Genesis Chemical with well-established collaboration with global and local transporter and warehousing centers, we can assure rapid and efficient delivery to clients. Genesis Chemical experienced logistics team ensures a permanent and stable supply chain that guarantees a production flow with consistent and reliable quality.


With a strong, high-quality network of carefully selected local staff, Genesis Chemical can deliver the desired quantities, packed the way the client require, to any point in Malaysia at the right time. Genesis Chemical has a large and valuable network of producers and clients. By delivering this service we allow both producers and clients to use our network and expertise to achieve the best results.