Sanosil Disinfectants – Safe, Eco-Friendly, Highly Effective

Holding international patents, Sanosil® is manufactured in Switzerland and is the only EU Biocide Article 95 compliant Hydrogen Peroxide/Silver based disinfectant.

Sanosil® is next-generation, Swiss manufactured (since 1982) and original hydrogen peroxide/silver based disinfectant.

Key features of Sanosil:

  • EPA registered bactericide, virucide and fungicide
  • Patented disinfecting formulas
  • Tested by the European EN norms: EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13697, EN 14348, EN 14476.
  • Unscented, bleach and PAA free
  • Healthcare-grade, ready-to-use
  • Proven to reduce infection rates
  • Outperforms, more stable than bleach
  • Maintains superior microbiological control
  • Easy-to-use, reduces associated labour costs
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy
  • Controls biofilm and bio-fouling
  • Easy-to-dose using standard equipment
  • No harmful by-products
  • Effective across a wide range of pH levels

Sanosil Patented Technology – Complex, Synergistic Chemistry

The secret of the Sanosil disinfectants is the combined 2-phase effect of the main ingredients hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver.

The oxygen split off by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls of the microorganisms upon direct contact. The chemical reaction of the oxygen with molecules in the cell walls denaturises and destroys these. This effect is boosted by silver ions that bind to the disulfide bonds of certain proteins, both of the reproduction complex as well as of the metabolic system of the microorganisms, and deactivate or precipitate these.

To put it simply: the hydrogen peroxide affects the membrane of the microorganisms, the silver the inside. This combined “hammer and ambos” effect boosts and/or exponentiates the biocide effect of hydrogen peroxide and silver on a large scale.

While H2O2 breaks down into water and oxygen (H2O2= H2O+O2) afterwards, minute traces of silver remain on the disinfected surface. These traces are invisible and non-toxic but actively and effectively counteract regermination.

What makes Sanosil Different

It is more powerful than chlorine, and most other common chemical disinfectants.

  • It has an oxidising power greater that chlorine, bromine, Quats, and aldehydes.
  • It can prevent the spread of diseases during cleaning operations.
  • It is not just stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Sanosil has a pathogen killing power 30 times greater than the combined killing power of hydrogen peroxide and silver used on their own.
  • Sub-lethal doses do not permit the evolution of pathogen resistance.
  • It can be safely applied using sprays or fogging equipment.
  • It can safely be used around people, animals, food, or fresh produce.
  • It is approved for use in organically certified premises.
  • It kills all viruses, including Bird Flu and Swine Flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1.
  • It can be used in the home, in Hospitals, Rest homes, food preparation areas, daycare centers, gyms.
  • It can be used on most surfaces.
  • It is cost effective, because it is so efficient.

Sanosil Applications


Whole Room Disinfection

stock-labmanThe Sanosil Q-Jet family consists of 3 different models of automatic aerosol disinfection devices, which can seamlessly cover all customer needs with respect to professional and safe disinfection of spaces.

Some of the advantage of the system include:

  • Room fogging is proven to be the most thorough and cost effective method for treating all the exposed surfaces within a room while reducing the labor and skilled required to perform an effective treatment, and it is safe for use with sensitive electronic equipment.
  • The System reaches into nooks, crevices and corners that disinfecting sprays & wipes can’t, reaching every exposed surface in a room, not just the primary or “high-touch” surfaces, and reducing the risk of cross-contamination associated with using a rag, wipe or sponge.
  • The Sanosil healthcare-grade hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants are EPA approved, unscented and bleach free.
  • Sanosil whole room disinfection machines ensure disinfectants reach every surface in a room - whether visible or not, thus minimizing the impact of human labor inconsistencies.


Genesis Chemical Sdn Bhd is a distributor of Sanosil® products in Malaysia.

Supported by over 280 independent tests and many government approvals.
So far, there is no germ that managed to develop a resistance against Sanosil.

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